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Hangar Biggin Hill

– Biggin Hill Airport, London

Our client TSL Projects Ltd were commissioned by Jet Aviation, a Swiss owned international company to renovate an old Second World War hangar, located on the perimeter of Biggin Hill airport.

Already in possession of hangar space at the airport, Jet Aviation required more room for servicing their fleet of private jets and to offer a ‘garage’ service for their clients.

Renovating an existing on site hangar appeared to be the most cost-effective solution to meeting their needs. Although structurally sound, the cladding was in a poor state of repair.  The external cladding was removed and the steelwork sandblasted and repainted. Kingspan insulated panels were applied to provide a weather tight envelope, with a new arrival and departure lounge area being provided externally by Porta Kabin.

Client: Jet Aviation

Contractor: TSL Projects Ltd

Contract Value: £1M

Contract Period: 18 months. Completed in February 2003


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