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Interior Design Service

Design and Interior Design Services are two fields that are inherently
intertwined, yet they often operate independently. However, when creating functional
yet aesthetically pleasing spaces, it helps to have a seamless integration
between the two disciplines. So, as part of our commitment to excellent
customer service, we’re delighted to offer our clients, in Hampshire and
beyond, interior design services alongside our architectural services.


Interior Design Services:

At Axis Architecture, we are fortunate to have a management team whose expertise and specific skills complement each other perfectly. Paul’s technical knowledge and Giordana’s Italian eye for design result in safe, functionally designed, innovative, aesthetically pleasing buildings.

Meet the team.

Giordana’s appointment as a Director with Axis Architecture, and her particular strengths in design, have allowed us to offer these value-added services.

Client Benefits:


Cohesive Design:

We ensure that the design of your building and its interior spaces are cohesive and integrated, resulting in more efficient use of space and a better overall user experience.

Seamless Communication:

By engaging us for your interior design and architectural project, you will only need to work with one design professional. Therefore, you’ll benefit from better communication and a more streamlined design process.

Attention to Detail:

As a highly detail-oriented practice, engaging Axis Architects for your architectural and interior design will ensure your overall design process is thorough and thoughtful.

Personalised Design:

Above all, you will live or work in a space that reflects your lifestyle, personality, or business brand. We will tailor your space(s) to your specific needs and preferences.

Interior Design Services FAQs:

Do you offer interior design services for residential and commercial projects?

Yes. We offer these services for a single room, comprehensive home, or commercial design – it’s entirely up to you.

Do I need to engage Axis on an architectural project to utilise your interior design services?

Not necessarily. Ideally, we offer these services to our architectural clients to enhance their projects. But, depending on the scope of your requirements, we can sometimes provide these services independently of architectural projects.

Do I need a big budget to engage you for interior design services?

No! Whatever, your vision or your budget, together, we can co-create a design we know you’ll love.

We work with clients across the UK from our Hampshire-based premises. If you would like to know more about how we can help, please get in touch.

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Why Choose us?

We strive to provide an efficient and valuable service to all our clients and our management processes underpin the delivery of all our services.