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We work throughout Hampshire and beyond as a well-established architecture practice near Fareham. So, when a potential client got in touch about their remodelling and extension project in Winchester, we were delighted to meet with them and discuss their requirements.

Remodelling and extension project – Winchester

Remodelling and extension project in Winchester.

The Brief

The client contacted us during lockdown as he and his family were struggling with the lack of space in the property. The property was a 5-bedroom house located on the outskirts of Winchester city centre. The house required refurbishment. But it was also clear that the living areas could benefit from better proportions to accommodate its users. The main concern was creating a better flow within the ground floor. This remodelling and extension project required us to create a larger kitchen and living area with the addition of a rear single-storey extension.

What set this project aside from others is that the client was keen to achieve a better look externally. There was a willingness to invest in improving the look of the existing detached house. In the design, we were to include special features, like a glazed section of the ceiling with recessed LED light. Furthermore, the client asked us to pay great attention to detail in the flooring layout and kitchen design.

Planning Consent

Planning permission proved more challenging as the property was within a conservation area. This location meant that planners requested additional information regularly. However, once the planning authority granted approval, we moved swiftly onto the next stage. This next step involved designing the Building Regulations drawings. We also provided the client with details of a reputable builder with whom he could negotiate the price directly.


The client selected Grant Harrison from Majengo to deliver the design. With his helpful team, he progressed the work in an amicable but professional way. We were not involved in contract administration, although we were monitoring the progress. The client spent more than initially planned, partly because the price of materials during Covid was very temperamental.

Completion and Follow-Up

We visited the client at completion to gather some feedback on our services, the construction experience and whether he felt he had accomplished his goal. We were pleased to hear that our services exceeded the client’s expectations and that he would be recommending us and the rest of the team wholeheartedly, as he was delighted with the support we offered and the quality of our service. He was also very proud of the final product of our design. He accepted that the construction cost was above expectations, as we advised that the house’s value would have benefitted from the works and the money spent would be a good investment. The estate agents then verified our advice at completion, as the property’s value increased significantly more than the money spent.

We wish our client and his family all the best in his fantastic, refurbished, extended spaces. If you require advice or help on a remodelling or extension project, please do get in touch. Contact us HERE.

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